Milwaukee, WI’s Trusted Rush Logistics Company

Our Company Overview

Taylor Made Express is an expedited freight company with Corporate Headquarters based in Milwaukee, WI. With over 25 years of experience in the trucking industry, servicing all points within the contiguous states and Canada.

Your Shipment

When your shipment needs to be delivered in an expeditious manner and time is of the essence Taylor Made Express, Inc. is here to service your every needs.

From point of origin to point of delivery, your freight will be conveyed via the most appropriate Vehicle for your needs. We will transport your freight directly non-stop from dock to dock both locally and nationwide.

We monitor the progress of your shipment at every step of the journey. Our Advanced communications systems allow us to be in contact with our drivers anywhere in the United States, at any time. We will provide our customer with updates every 4 hours or as requested. Upon delivery we will contact our customers with proof of delivery within 30 minutes of the actual delivery time.

Our Drivers

All of our Company drivers participate in a DOT mandated regular drivers safety program. They also receive continual training in customer service and safe handling of products and freight.

Drivers wear standard-issue uniforms and are required to wear ID badges. Managers ensure that drivers comply with company personal appearance policies.

We’ve taken every measure to create a national system that you can rely on. For instance, in order to maintain full control, we don’t contract our assignments out. This standardization applies to everything from our integrated technology platform to the fact that everybody has the same uniform and vehicles, so you always know who’s at your door.

Taylor Made can also handle all your dedicated and scheduled pick-ups and deliveries; both local and long-distance with what we believe will be a cost savings to you. Please feel free to call us for a specialized quote.

  • On-site fueling ability

  • Driver and staff workshops

  • Fully staffed safety department

  • Service does not end after delivery

  • ISO Certified

  • CSA/Fast Track Approved

Quality & Certifications

Taylor Made Express is very serious about keeping up with the latest industry standards. We continually train all staff on technology, customer service, package handling and other logistics related topics. Our on site safety department keeps up secure and current on evolving government regulations which helps us to maintain our “Satisfactory Safety Rating” which proudly is the highest safety rating issues by the DOT.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Future 50

  • Chamber of Commerce